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The Records Division performs a very important function of the Police Department. Records personnel are responsible for collecting reports filed by officers of the department. Information from these reports is computerized and archived, in order to be retrieved when necessary. The Records Division disseminates copies of police reports and accidents to the public. They prepare location and incident surveys requested of the department. In addition, they conduct the local criminal background checks that are often requested of individuals.

The Records Division also collects information concerning crimes committed in Orange. This information is electronically transmitted to the State of Connecticut. This information is used to determine criminal trends, crime prevention programs, conduct crime analysis and police planning and personnel assignments.


Police Records Check: $10.00
Fingerprinting: $5.00 per fingerprint card
Fees are waived for Town of Orange employees.


The Records Division is open to the public Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (closed weekends and Holidays). They can be contacted by calling 203-891-2134. General Email can be sent to

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